Thanks for visiting us at Print'n'Gift UK

We've put together some information to help you with general queries you may have whilst using our website.

We are a small business specialising in the printing of T-shirts, Hoodies & other garments; Mugs; home-wares and other gifts for individuals and businesses alike.  We have no minimum order and you do not need to register to buy from us.  We have been running successfully since 2014 and we strive on high-quality products and keeping our prices affordable.


Our aim is simple, we are passionate about about making custom, personalised garments and gifts that we believe should be easy to order, as well as stress-free.  Our website should be simple to use, and choosing item specifics (such as sizes and colours) are done by drop-down menus to give you enough options needed to customise your item.  However, if you need some additional help, we have included some frequently asked questions below, or you can click on the "contact us" tab on the menu bar to get in touch.


Where do I start?

You need to think about what you are looking for, and to help you, we've listed a few ideas below:

  • You've spotted an item on our website that is perfect for you, and it doesn't need any changes whatsoever.  If this is the case, you can just click to buy the item via the specific page.  Simple.

  • You've spotted something you like, but you want to personalise it with different pictures, photo's logos & text.  In this case, you may find some drop-down fields that will allow you to choose the information you need, or even custom text boxes where you can enter your info.  We'll always message you with a mock-up to check that the changes or personalised info is correct, and you will have to "OK" it before we print.  At this point, you can always let us know of any details we need to change for you.

  • You've spotted an item that is similar to what you are looking for, but the drop-down fields don't offer the options you need.  You can go ahead and order the item, and email us on with the changes that you have in mind.  We can make most changes, and will work with you until you are satisfied.  On rare occassion, we may not be able to make the changes you have requested.  In this case, we would try and find a compromise that is suitable for both parties, before proceeding.  If we cannot find a way to proceed, we will refund your items full cost.

  • You have an idea for a custom design that you haven't seen on our website and you'd like to discuss details before you can place your order.  Please get in touch using the "Contact us" tab on the menu.

  • You need us to create a custom logo or design that you have in mind, so your first port of call will be to look at the products on the website for inspiration so you can give us lots of information on what you'd like.  Then, when you have an initial idea, please get in touch using the "Contact Us" tab on the menu.

  • You need a quote for a group/bulk order, a discount, charity donations or anything else.  You'll need to make contact using the details provided in the "Contact Us" tab on the menu.

How do I place a website order?
To order via our website, you will need to use the menu or search feature to find the item you are looking for.  Once you're on the item screen, you'll be able to choose the quantity and any other specification using the drop-down fields and/or the custom text box.  Once you have made your selections, you can add the item to your cart.  Once everything is in your cart, you can confirm and pay for your order.


Can I place an order in any other way?

You can place an order with us in a few different ways:

If you have any difficulties, please use the "Contact Us" tab on the menu bar.

How long will my order take to process?

As soon as you place your order and complete payment, it will then proceed to our order-books.  From here, we will assess your order requirements and if we don't have your blank item in stock, it will be ordered.  Once your item is with us, we aim to print and process your order.  We aim to take a maximum of 7-10 days, but we always aim to do it as quickly as possible.  If we anticipate your order will take longer, we will contact you with an additional processing time. 

If you have a deadline for your order, please message us before-hand because we can sometimes fit orders in, especially if the item is already in stock.  We can often offer similar products that would be completed sooner.

You can contact us at an time with an update on your order, or for an estimated processing time before your order is completed.

Can I make changes to my order?

Once you have placed your order, it is entered into our order-book and has become a !live-order!.  Once this happens, we bring together everything we need to complete your order, including materials, standard design files, design software and time to start to process your order.  It is very important to message us when you are aware of a change that needs to be made.

Our standard process is to send you a "mock-up" visual of your item, to check for any changes or mistakes that have been made either by us or yourself.  This includes alignment, spelling, grammar and placement.  We need a clear "OK" to proceed with your order as the mock-up shows.  If you have any changes to make, this is vitally important that it is now.  Most changes can be rectified without much trouble, but in some circumstances, if major changes are made (like garment or vinyl colour) we may need to order in specific materials which could result in your order taking longer to process and complete.  We will always be open about any changes to the timeline, and will work with you to make some compromises that could speed up your order, if necessary.  Once you have "OK'd" the final mock-up, you can no longer make any changes to your item due to it being custom or personalised to your needs.

Can I cancel my order if i change my mind?

The Distance Selling Regulations state that your right to cancel an order starts from the moment you place said order, and doesn’t end until seven working days from the day after you receive your goods.  This applies to standard items only, such as when you buy a standard item that is made exactly as the website item shows, with no personalised or custom features.  You would be liable for posting your item back to us within 7 days of your return request, including postage costs.

However, if you purchase a personalised or custom-made item you cannot cancel your order after you have completed your order and paid.  From that moment, it becomes and active order and we have already started to process it.  Your item is excluded from The Distance Selling Regulation's guarantee unless it is faulty.

What if I need to return an item?

Most of our items are personalised so could only be returned if they were damaged or faulty.  We urge you to contact us if you receive your item damaged so we can investigate what went wrong, and what we can do for you.  You can use the contact us page to do this, and we will advise on individual cases on how to proceed.

If you have a ready made item that is not customised or made-to-order and you need to return or exchange it, please contact us for instructions on how we can proceed.  Items need to be returned in the same condition they were sent (we hold photographic evidence to identify when we've made a mistake or the items have been damaged in transit) which will speed up our returns process.

If you have any other questions, contact us and we'd be happy to help!