You are looking at 1m lengths of 25mm Luxury Double Faced Satin Ribbon with your own custom/personalised design printed on it.

The price is charged per meter, and upon choosing a quantity over 1m, it will be in a continuous length to suit all needs.


Please use the information box to describe what it is you want on your ribbon - There are example ribbons on the photo, which usually consist of "silhouette" images/shapes and/or lettering.


We will contact you via email to work out a design that you would like.

The ribbon colours and design colours are current stock and we may add more in future.  You can choose from WASHPROOF or TEMPORARY design for your ribbon.

Washproof is recommended if the ribbon has heavy use, comes into contact with moisture or needs to be washed.

If you are using a single-use ribbon or for decorative purposes only, you may choose the temporary design which offers many more colour choices and is a little cheaper.  PLEASE NOTE: Temporary design colour choices will smudge upon rubbing or wetting, so please bare this in mind.

1m x 25mm Custom Ribbon

25mm Ribbon Colour
Temporary or Washproof Design
Design Colour

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