Business-Wear Tshirt from PRINT'n'GIFT UK which includes 3 lines of text. The business details can include a business name, phone number and website, in a single colour. We will cut and press your details in high quality Vinyl and will guarentee it from Peeling, cracking and lifting, because we are confident that you will not have any problems - if you do, we will re-press them for you! We will put your details on the front-left chest, and a bigger version to the back shoulder-blades. You can choose the colour and style of your T-shirt, as well as the vinyl colour & font. The T-shirts with the coloured rim have a slightly different price, so please choose your options from the drop down menu's and it will display your price.

Business Tshirt - Text only - Front & Back

T-shirt Colour...

Each item is made individually, by hand so you may see slight variations

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