PLEASE NOTE: £2 from the sale of each t-shirt we sell will be donated to an NHS Related Fund


Sick and tired of people not taking Social Distancing Guidelines seriously?
Stay Home - Save Lives - Protect our NHS!

These comical t-shirts will certainly make people keep their distance - And probibly give people a good laugh whilst shopping for toilet rolls during this pandemic.

We are lucky enough to work on our own grounds, therefore we can continue to work whilst taking certain precautions to ensure the safety of our household and yours!

  • All payments via the website only
  • Contactless collections can be arranged on your essential shopping days - We will arrange a time and leave your item on the doorstep for you to collect. All collections will be seperated by 30minute intervals to avoid bumping in to anyone.
  • Postage is available locally and nationally and will be posted as soon as possible - We no longer post daily, instead we go as infrequently as possible by posting all together.

Corona Social Distancing Punch T-shirt

Garment Choice

Each item is made individually, by hand so you may see slight variations

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