Don't Text & Drive Air-Freshener with £1 going to the NWAA charity in aid of Anne Kerr & Joe Cairns!
Last year Anne Kerr and Joe Cairns set off to go to Pontville school as they did everyday. Their lives were tragically cut short when a lorry driver using his mobile phone crashed into the mini bus they were travelling in killing them and severely injuring several others.

The north west air ambulance sent two of their helicopters to help that morning. The crews consisted of a doctor and 3 highly specialised HEMS paramedics. THEREFORE ... I’m planning to do a fundraiser for them.

My lovely friends at Print'n'Gift UK based in Southport have made some car bumper stickers warning of the dangers of texting and driving. The NWAA will also be promoting our stickers during Road safety week in November in collaboration with Brake- the national road safety charity.

All money raised is in memory of Anne Kerr and Joe Cairns who tragically lost their lives to a distracted driver...texting!

How much does it cost to run the North West Air Ambulance Charity?
Our charity needs to raise in excess of £9.5million each year to meet the costs of maintaining our existing service to ensure we can be there when needed. We receive no government funding or National Lottery gifts, we are solely reliant on the generosity of our supporters and members....

Don't Text & Drive Air-Freshener


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