RE: Leavers Hoodies for your students!


Dear Customer,


This download is an information pack to let you know all of the information you need to organise leavers hoodies for your kids, students, school, college, university or groups.


I am the sole owner of a local business in Southport that supplies and prints clothing, mugs, bags,  gifts and so much more.  However, today I thought you may be interested in organising Leavers Hoodies for any children or young adults that may be leaving your establishment before Summer.  I can bet they’ve had a wonderful time where they have grown and achieved so much with you, so they’ll be wanting a souvenir to cherish forever to remind them of where it all started.


We’ve worked with local schools, groups and higher education provisions to offer leavers hoodies and we’ve had some fantastic feedback.


We’d love to create a personalised design for you, just like the images I’ve enclosed below.  The front-left chest reads “[School name] Leavers 2019” and on the back we will compile all of their peers names into a number 20.  You’ll have full control over the hoody and vinyl design colour—In fact, we allow you to choose THREE colours of hoody to offer to your leavers.


If you would like to go ahead, just fill in the acceptance form and send it back to us with your £20 deposit (this will soon be available directly from the website 24 hours a day).


There is no pressure to go ahead with purchasing the hoodies - just download the info pack and get in touch if it is for you.  Alternatively you may want to recommend us to a friend or colleague who would give organising a go!

Leavers Hoodies Info Pack


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