This is a favorite design for Pet Owners, Pet related businesses and Crufts too! You have the option to have some personalisation above the logo, which can be a business name (as shown) or anything else you choose. If you wish to just have the logo on the chest then this is also available. Please use the drop-down boxes to choose your T-shirt type and colour, then we will choose a colour for the design that will stand out. If you do have a preference, then please state this in the info box on the payment screen. There is also an optional info box so you can tell us what text you would like written on your T-shirt. You can choose the colour and style of your T-shirt, as well as the vinyl colour & font. The T-shirts with the coloured rim have a slightly different price, so please choose your options from the drop down menu's and it will display your price. MATCHING HOODY'S AVAILABLE HERE -!product-page/c136p/383b14f4-ad87-91b6-6e94-2f8c2442d0a2

One Team Pet Paw T-Shirts

T-shirt Colour...

Each item is made individually, by hand so you may see slight variations

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