Here we have a very popular item from PRINT'n'GIFT uk - Photo Rock Slates These are made of rock with a white printable face to them, so they are reasonably heavy and sturdy. We offer five different sizes at present: 1) 9x14cm - £8.99 2) 14x19cm - £10.99 3) 12x22cm - £12.99 4) 19x19cm - £14.99 5) 29x19cm - £19.99 They are all supplied with a sturdy plastic stand (2 pieces), or if you wish to mount on the wall you can use mirror wall brackets. You image is printed onto the slate and creates a unique way of displaying photos. Ideal Gifts, House Number/Name, wedding photos would look great, and we can even do quotes on them too... All we need is your high quality image - these are best taken direct from your camera and send via email to If you would like any text on the bottom of the photo such as "Rhodes May 2015" please enter that in the box when you order.

Photo Rock Slates & stand - Your own image

What size?

Each item is made individually, by hand so you may see slight variations

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