Calling all Slimming World Consultants!
Its the 50th anniversary - Goldern Year - So what better way to advertise than with GOLD LUXURY GLITTER sweatshirt that you can wear when out and about during promotion!
This high-glitz design will catch the eye of anyone walking by!
On the front we have the logo with "Consultant" written under it, with your name inside a heart on the opposite side.
Then on the back you can include any details you wish...Most choose venue, times, days, social media and contact details but it really is up to you!
Our Sweatshirts are unisex in style, but come in mens sizes from Small to XX-Large and you can choose your colour of Luxury Glitter that suits your needs, if gold isn't your first choice ;)

Slimming World Consultant Sweater - Luxury Glitter


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