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Because someone we love is in Heaven, There's a little bit of heaven in our home Remembrance deep-Box Frame from Print'N'Gift UK. Black Deep-box frame that can be free-standing or hung on the wall. It has a sky blue background and is filled with white feathers. The quote on the front is a beautiful tribute to a lost loved-one. 25x25cm and 4.5 cm deep in size Can be personalised, or we can create a custom frame with any changes such as a white frame, different background, and different quote, just to name a few. Message us to discuss your custom order or to buy now. Website - www.PRINTnGIFTuk.com Facebook - www.fb.com/PRINTnGIFTuk Twitter - www.twitter.com/PRINTnGIFTuk Instagram - www.instagram.com/PRINTnGIFTuk Please like our page and connect with us on the above accounts too...

Someone We Love Remembrance Box Frame

Frame Colour

***PLEASE NOTE*** - Each item is made individually, by hand so you may see slight variations