We would love it of YOU could SPONSOR-A-MUG for our NHS staff members at our local hospital (Southport), to show how much we care and  appreciate all their hard work during the covid-19 pandemic.
We want you or your children to design a big, bright and beautiful mug design to make our NHS staff smile during their (likely very short) tea break - think about rainbows, flowers & hearts!
Break out your brightest, boldest felts and crayons and join us to MAKE THE NHS SMILE!
How it works :
1) purchase a mug for £5
2) Draw a bright A4 sized picture and optional message
3) Send us your design via email, or post (details below
4) We will print up the mug, add a personal note (maybe a chocolate or two)
5) We will give the mugs to those working directly with covid-19 at Southport Hospital.
Your £5 covers the cost of the mug, which you can design yourself by either you or your child drawing a design. Alternatively, you can instruct us to design a mug on your Behalf.
We will then cover the cost of the packaging (box and label), personal note cards, a chocolate or two and delivery to the hospital.
Together we can create a beautiful way of saying thank you!
Please send your pictures to:
12 Keats Terrace,

Thank You NHS: sponsor a mug!


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